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Running Analysis


Running Analysis


Running Analysis

If you are a runner or are beginning a running program, then a running analysis is something you should definitely consider.  Poor running form and faulty body mechanics can lead to an assortment of overuse injuries like IT band syndrome, medial knee pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, etc.  The good part is that these can be prevented and corrected.

Through a videotaped analysis and thorough examination, Dr. Wally can identify problems before an injury occurs.  After a proper warm up, Dr. Wally videotapes the patient running on a treadmill for approximately 3-5 minutes from a few different angles.  Then he takes the patient through an examination where he checks the muscles for proper length, the joints for correct movement patterns, and the function and strength of major muscle groups that provide stability during running.

After analyzing the video tape and the exam, Dr. Wally and the patient review the tape and a treatment plan is put together for the patient.  This may include chiropractic care, at home exercises, different running drills, and nutritional changes.  Running should be a lifelong process, and improper form should not keep you from that goal. 



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