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PNF Stretching


PNF Stretch(Shown is an example of a PNF
stretch of the hip flexors)

Depending on your condition, Dr. Wally may do some additional stretching to speed your recovery or prevent future complications.  PNF stretches are a way to neurologically relax a muscle.  They are preformed under a hold and relax sequence.  As a patient is put in a stretched position they are instructed to put resistance against the stretch and hold for 5 seconds.  Upon that time they release and relax the muscle and it is stretched to its new length.  Whenever a muscle is placed under a sustained strain, the brain communicates to the muscle to relax, so this is a great technique to gain a deeper stretch than normally can be achieved.  This is slightly different than the at-home stretches Dr. Wally will often give patients. 




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