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Nutritional Consultation


Nutritutional Consultation

Nutrition is an extremely important part to the overall health of the body.  Unfortunately, it is a much neglected topic in doctors’ and chiropractors’ offices.   That is not the case at Proactive Wellness & Chiropractic Center.  Dr. Wally has had extensive training and education in the latest research in nutrition and the physiology of the human body.  He uses this resource as a means of helping patients reach all their health goals, whether that be treating a chronic condition like diabetes or establishing a healthy baseline nutritional protocol. 

Through a detailed history and possibly some blood tests, Dr. Wally guides the patient through the best course of action for their particular needs.  He is also available to answer any general questions you might have about any nutritional topics from weight loss to multivitamins. 

Often you can hear Dr. Wally lecturing on nutritional topics in his free seminars at Adventure 212. 



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