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Myofascial Release



(Shown here is myofascial release on the IT band using a thumb contact)

The work can be done with tools or by hand, and the purpose is to stretch the shortened fascia over a series of treatments.  Each time you “break” it apart it heals a little longer, until eventually it is normal again.

All muscles and some organs of the body are covered with a sheet or thin band of fibrous tissue called fascia.  The purpose of fascia is to separate and lubricate different muscles from rubbing against each other and to hold the muscles together in groups.  Often this fascia becomes very tight and restricted, either from an injury or daily micro-trauma experienced from overuse or postural stresses.  When the fascia tightens and shortens, it begins to affect the muscles it is surrounding and pulls on structures that it attaches to.  This can cause a whole host of problems.

When doing a treatment, Dr. Wally always looks at the entire body and addresses all concerns, fascia being a major concern.  Through different techniques, he restores the fascia to its normal length and texture.  Myofascial work is never a pleasant experience, but the results are well worth it.  If you or anyone you know has been suffering with a chronic injury, chances are they have a fascial component involved and need to have it treated. 



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