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Cupping(Shown is an example of cupping
on the calf muscles)

Cupping is a form of fascial release adopted from acupuncturists.  Dr. Wally has been using it in his practice for three years now and has noticed great results with this technique.

Basically cupping works in three ways.  The first way is that it flushes lymphatic fluid through the muscles to aid in healing.  In the same way it brings blood flow to supply nutrients to rebuild.  And the most important benefit from cupping is that it breaks up adhesions between the skin and fascial layer below.  Normally the skin should be free floating across the fascia below, but through overuse and other stresses it starts to form connections between the two.  This obviously affects the length of the fascia and the muscles ability to function properly.  By sliding the acupuncture cup across the skin, it does all three of the benefits listed above.

Athletes that Dr. Wally works with love the results of cupping as it helps them recover much faster after an event or a hard workout.



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