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Dr. Wally

For patients that are uncomfortable with manual adjustments, Dr. Wally uses an instrument called an activator.  It is a spring loaded adjusting tool that is preset with an exact amount of force to achieve the adjustment.  The activator works on speed, not force.  As it delivers the adjustment, the vertebrae moves into place before the muscles can respond, thus allowing a lot less force to be used in the adjustment. 
Dr. Wally uses mostly manual adjustments for extremities, like ankles, knees, and wrists.  Extremities are often not thought of when considering chiropractic adjustments, but are very common and effective ways to treat many ailments. 

Chiropractic adjustments are the most important and basic treatment tool in a chiropractor’s toolbox.    Since the nervous system controls everything, from moving your finger to digesting your food, it is vital that the spine is aligned and functioning properly to allow maximum nervous impulses to travel to and from the body.  Any interference in those nerve signals is called a subluxation.  As a patient you might feel this as pain, stiffness, or muscle spasm or you may not feel it at all…and those are the worst kind.  Subluxations that are left untreated begin to cause early degeneration in the spine, tissues and cells to which those nerves run.  Through adjustments, chiropractors remove these subluxations and restore the natural balance in the body allowing it to heal and function at its optimal level. 

Chiropractors use a lot of different techniques to accomplish these adjustments.  Here at Proactive Wellness & Chiropractic Center Dr. Wally uses a few different styles depending on the patient and condition.  By far the most common is manual adjustments, or those performed by giving a very specific and accurate thrust by Dr. Wally’s hands.  As the vertebrae move back into their original position and motion, you may hear that “popping” noise that many of you might be familiar with.  This normally is very painless and often gives a feeling of relief. 

Depending on other conditions and body types, Dr. Wally will also use drop table, SOT blocking, and applied kinesiology.   Ask Dr. Wally about any questions you have with adjustments and he will be glad to answer them for you! 




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